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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It is an election year here in Kenya and all of the candidates are sporting caps and heats or headdresses for the ladies. I told Frank I wanted to buy a "senator's" hat. We found one in Eldoret. So, what do you think< bring it home or leave it for Frank?  :)

Ending and misc. We will be catching a small plane to Nairobi later today and than a flight back to the states tomorrow night, so this is more than likely the last post.

It was getting late before we headed back (left at 7:30)

Simon the driver waiting for the drive back. It took 1 1/2 hours to get back to the hotel.

One of the observers that showed up at the new site.

Watch your step! These were everywhere.

This is the new church site on land donated by a church member

Unloading the lorry "truck"  British you know :)

The contractor and his men will be left here to work. Sleeping mats, water, food etc. were brought with  them.

Metal supports made ahead of time (they dull the termite's teeth)

Building plans being discussed between the pastors and contractors. (no county sign off required :)

Doors made ahead of time and workers items.

We met two other missionaries from other groups who were here helping with food and drought assistance. One man had lived here previously and was working on food and water relief. He asked World Vision to partner with his organization on a well and they did. They found water very deep down and will be drilling a well.  The lady from Maine has been coming here for 10 years.

Pastor Mike prayed for rain at both of the churches. He told me "you know you have to come back."
I said o.k., if it rains tonight. I woke up that night startled as I thought I heard thunder, but no rain.
 Pastor Lucas and a bundle of ground maize
Unloading ground maize and sacks of beans
Prices have increased greatly for food because of the drought. This is $500 us dollars worth of food

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Additions and corrections

The "anthills" are termite hills. Mary said she could not see the "chair" Mike was sitting on. 

I copied a video of part of the trip out to Logurum off of the API blog.

The next church is located in an established village.
They are renting a very small warehouse for their church. We brought all the material to make them a new church, plus food as there is a drought and food is costly.
 Mike and brush fence
 I brought them a new soccer ball and pump. I gave it to the pastor so he can keep track of it.
 Church members listening to a audio bible.
 The ball made of plastic bags is the regular soccer ball.
Few of the older people read so this is a society that learns by story telling. Mike brought a audio bible in their language { Turkana} It has a heavy duty flip chart that goes with it.
 Nataaba church the first in the area. They were meeting under a thornbush before the new building
 Pastor George trying out the drum.
 One of the older gentlemen of the church
 The man has a staff and a small chair they carry with them.
 Mike "resting" on the man's chair. I would have too much "overflow," if I could even get up!
The benches are tree limbs. I was happy they had a plastic chair for me.

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